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be handling the cleanup operation but it's been overseen by the u.s. government. did the obama administration say this guy has to go, do we know if they had a hand in hayward's departure. i spoke to someone today who said it was board's decision to replace hayward. we do know that the white house clearly disapproved of hayward, not only his gaffes but also his management of the crisis when at the beginning he tried to make it alone and jump in and had taken over much of the response. >> gregg: and it's fair to say, is it not, if bp wants to continue to operate in american waters, they have to please this administration. if the administration is displeased with the person who is at the top of bp, that plays a role? >> for sure. bp is wanting the moratorium on new drilling in the gulf to be lifted. it wants to continue to be able to work in the gulf and it is currently the biggest producer in the gulf of mexico. so it's a big source of income for bp and they would not like to see it ends. most important thing is to contain the spill and then to clean it up. >> gregg: well, tony hayward is getti
and this will go down to the wire. most powerful democrat in the u.s. senate has a lot to worry about in the next hundred days. >> gregg: all right. carl cameron, carl, stay with us it's a little tricky. >> blackjack, actually. >> gregg: we're streaming nevada events. check it out at 10:00 brian wilson will host a one hour special from america's election headquarters, bringing you al franken bringing closing remarks at the event. >> a political show down in the nation's capitol. president obama and gop taking shots at one another, criticizing jock creation proposals. molly henneberg is live from d.c. with the details. molly, i understand the president says the u.s. is finally headed in the right direction with the economy so we ask, what specifically did he mean? >> well he named or he listed a couple of things that his administration has done, to quote, get us out of this recession including new regulations on the financial industry, more money for the clean energy sector and tax cuts for working families. he criticized john boehner saying gop wants to repeal the health care law and keep tax cut
>> gregg: we're getting word of an attack on a u.s. embassy in baghdad. i'm gregg jarrett a. we're told the compound itself coming under pretty heavy fire. joe biden was visiting the troops. david has the latest from baghdad. >> reporter: rescue sources says three more rockets landed in the vicinity of the u.s. embassy compound in the international zone about a mile from where i'm standing now. they are saying no comment from the embassy but some people have suggested that the firings were heard coming from the embassy, but no reports of casualties. we do know the vice president visited the embassy over the past 24 hours and the embassy does come under sporadic rocket attacks really since 2003. so we're watching this story closely. as i said, at the moment we do understand that the embassy has come under attack from rockets or mortars. back to you, gregg. >> gregg: it's good news that they are getting the all clear in the vicinity. explain the purpose of the vice president's trip and what he has accomplished. >> reporter: he has accomplished two things. support for the troops, o
underway for two u.s. service members missing in afghanistan. a live report coming up. and celebrating the scouts right here on the national mall in washington. 100 years of boy scouting. that calls for a big parade. we will take you there. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live in the nation's capital starts right now. >> shannon: at this hour invincible spirit underway. joint military exercises are meant as a show strength as tensions boil between north korea and the south. greg palkot is on board the uss george washington. he joins us on the phone with the very latest. greg? >> hey, shannon. we wrapped up a very busy day. you know they call it a defensive operation. we certainly saw a lot of offensive muscle being flexed. it is a large scale maneuver, 20 ships involved, including the one we are on, a huge nucleared powered aircraft carrier u.s.s. george washington. 200 aircraft including f-22 and f-18s we have been seeing fly off the dock of this aircraft carrier all day. 8,000 service members involved. u.s. south korean 5500 on this aircraft carrier. all in response, a
for water and other projects. clinton's trip comes as richard haas tells news week that the u.s. needs to rethink afghanistan. that we're not winning and it's not worth it. he is suggesting a drawdown of troops. after nine years of war, continued involvement in afghanistan isn't likely to yield lasting improvements. it is time to scale down our ambition there and reduce and redirect what we do. >> others say that is not the time to leave. >> it's very difficult conflict. it will take a long time, sometimes hard for americans to swallow, but the notion that we can afford effectively to pull out causes risks and dangers for the united states down the road that are just almost impossible to quantify. >> reporter: it sounds like what secretary clinton will be arguing in kabul on tuesday. >> gregg: the search is on for right now for carjackers that killed an off-duty police officer in chicago. officer michael bailey was killed on his way home from work early this morning. 20 year veteran just two weeks from retirement, police say the shooting occurred when two men tried to steal his buick s
of engagement and allow the u.s. forces to bring in fire power from above and fire their own weapons even when they can't see taliban attackers. if you are out on sniped or ambushed, you can't fire back unless you are visualizing who is attacking you. that will be loosened up a bit. it will change the composition of the way the u.s. and nato forces combat war on the ground. he said he believes that president obama will make it conditions based and that the forces will stay longer and fight longer. >> is there a sense we can get the job done on time line suggested? >> all that joe lieberman would say and all that the lawmakers going to the region now is saying the fight can't be lost. we don't know when it will be won. this is an important question. this week in the house, 162 members of the house voted for not just making ironclad the july 2011 withdrawal deadline but requiring the president to explain how he will pull every member of the u.s. military out of afghanistan in short order. there is democratic ability to some level for the war fighting plan in afghanistan and the white house has t
general david petraeus assuming command of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. he's stepping into a place general stanley mcchrystal, you may recall, resigned following the controversial comments he made to "rolling stone" magazine and the general takes over what may be a critical time for the war. both behind the scenes and, on the front lines. connor powell streaming live from afghanistan with the latest. general david petraeus takes over this morning, any big changes expected immediately? >> well, eric, general petraeus now is about 150,000 u.s. and international troops here as part of the nato isaf effort here in afghanistan and he reiterated today what he said the past few days. there will be no major changes to the strategy and he backs the strategy general stanley mcchrystal put in place and, the general was part of designing the strategy, so, it is not surprising that he is not going to change it but he reiterated today, simply saying the leadership may change from time-to-time here, the strategy will stay the same, but, perhaps the greater challenge in addition to implementing th
. >>> this is a fox news alert. colton harris moore, the so-called barefoot bandit, a u.s. teenager who allegedly stole cars, boat and an airplane. he eludded law enforcement for two years and we're told he is arrested in the bahamas. we're waiting for a press conference to begin there and peter doocy has been following the story all weekend and will update us later in the show as we keep an eye on the press conference for more details. >>> palestinian president mahmoud abbas said there is no point in holding direct talk with israel when it comes to peace. he is refusing to return to the negotiating table until there is a freeze on settlement building in the west bank. for now they're negotiating through the u.s. envoy george mitchell who will meet with abbas later this week. the white house and netanyahu are urging direct peace talks between israelis and palestinians, some are asking is hitting the restart button viable in this particular ongoing conflict? democratic congressman brian baird travelled to gaza more than any other member of congress and joins to us share his insight. thank you for
up. >> eric: we begin with a new development off the korean peninsula, that involves u.s. and a threat of nuclear retaliation from now. good morning, everyone i'm eric sean and this is america's news headquarters. >> jamie: great to have you with us, a busy morning, i'm jamie colby, the u.s. and south korea are moving ahead en the largest joint war games in years. despite a warning of retaliation, from pyongyang, the drills are in response to accusations that north korea sank a south korean warship back in march killing 46 sailors. >> eric: the u.s. and one of our strongest allies, south korea, bringing a -- military might including 20 ships and submarines and 200 aircraft, north korea vowing to, quote, physically block the ships, saying it could escalate into a nuclear war and, are they for real? ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and a fox contributor, joins us now. and, ambassador, good morning, is this more meaningless bluster from north korea, or could there be military retaliation. >> i take these threats more seriously than the normal north
abuse in the u.s. military. documents will be posted on wiki leaks within weeks. >> gregg: do we have any idea who gave the documents to wiki leaks? >> they seem to be focusing on a analyst bradley manning but he has not an suspect in the case. he was however arrested in may that o charges that he released aerial cockpit videos of a 2000 fire fight in baghdad. manning was moved from a field jail to a brig in virginia where he may face trial. >> gregg: talk to us about the impact of these leaks? >> defense officials say they put u.s. soldiers at risk as well as afghan families. that the state department warning that these leaks may damage u.s. intelligence inside and outside of afghanistan. here is more. >> you dump out tens of thousands of documents. nmgs service all over the world will be looking over them and see what they can glean of how we gain information. this can have a national security impact. >> reporter: he says he offered the white house the documents before they were posted to make sure no innocent people were identified but they didn't respond. a spokesperson for obama
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of july with the u.s. troops and meet with political leaders in area. i'll brian wilson, the america's news headquarters live from nation's capitol starts now with david piper live in baghdad with the latest on the vice president arrival. hello, david. >> reporter: hi, brian. yes, vice president biden's trip is planned to be staged in the fourth of july celebration. at the same time, it does seem at this time he has to come here, because it's a crucial time for the election. the problem with the lack of election in march is we had no government form. at this time, straight to meeting with the iraqi leaders to sort out this problem. >> brian: is security better there for the vice president now? are we in a situation it's not as dangerous as it has been in the past? >> reporter: of course, he will be inside a bubble of protection from the security forces. outside the green zone where he will meet the leaders, it's dangerous. we have attack on security forces and anyone that is linked to on the government at this time. for the moment, the violence is spiking up because of the political
on camera, at a fund-raiser saying the u.s. was on the wrong side of history in the conflict with afghanistan. and the head of the republican national committee also saying the war was president obama's choosing, molly henneberg reporting live from our washington bureau, they are calling for him, huh? >> reporter: michael steele sent out an e-mail to some republican supporters and in part because he says it is important to, quote, clarify his remarks, about afghanistan. but, bill kristol, a conservative, and the editor of the weekly standard, has said steele should resign. and, now, liz cheney, daughter of the former vice president, and chairman of "keep america safe" said the chairman of the republican party must be unwavering in his support for american victory in the war on terror. a victory that cannot be accomplished if we do not prevail in afghanistan. it is time for chairman steele to step down. this follows steele's comments at a private connecticut fund-raiser that we're captured on camera and he said the war in afghanistan was, quote, a war of obama's choosing. and,
biden had meeting with chris hill and also 9 top u.s. military commander in here in iraq. he will be meeting over the next couple of days the major iraqi political leaders because there does seem to be deadlock here over creating a new government. he is the point man on iraq for the obama administration that he will be trying to push them in the right direction, gregg. >> gregg: there does appear to be a sort of a political stalemate that is ongoing there. any end in sight to that? >> reporter: gregg, we have two major blocks in the parliament with nobody being able to control it. unless there is some give and take, there doesn't seem to be any real chance of that happening. it's very important as we know because the u.s. military is drawing down troops to 50,000 by the end of august. they've got over 70,000 at the moment. with this uncertainty and ongoing violence against iraqi security forces, it's very unsettled here, gregg. >> gregg: david, this is still a war zone. yet the vice president brought with him his wife. is this is the first time that that has happened? >> repo
they in the u.s. illegally this is the 7th lawsuit filed against arizona law since it was passed. >> julie kurtz live in washington, thanks so much. >>> very tense moments and it happened this week in nevada. two small aircraft violated the president's air space. you know what happens when that happens. the first incident friday morning after 7:00 local time. norad scrambling two f-16's to intercept a cessna 210. those jets escorting that plane to north las vegas airport. a half hour later a expect plane. president obama was in vegas, stumping for senate majority leader harry reid also making a speech there on the economy. >>> speaking of which, major war of words shaping up in the nevada senate battle between majority leader harry reid hand tea party favorite sharron angle the republican candidate. saying many of angle's stances are too extreme. angle hitting back calling reid a desperate man trying to hit girl. those were her words. angle has lost some steam in the polls since winning the gop primary. does harry reid have a point about her ability to appeal to mainstream voters? joining me mar
in a fast lifestyle of stolen planes and speed boats for the slammer. u.s. agents are bringing him back to the states to a face charges. peter has the latest on this story from new york city newsroom. >> barefoot bandit that has eluded authorities would not be captured without a high speedboat chase. >> suspect tovied capture engaged local police on a high-speed chase in waters leading to the area. >> acting on a tips from members of the public, royal bahamian police force went to harbor island and that is where they made the arrest. you can see here, his hands are cuffed but his feet or bare. shots were fired before the 19-year-old fugitive was taken into custody. they were fired by police trying to shoot out colton's boat engine. they to pistol-whip him and that would contradict the mother's description. as we reported the mom had hired a high profile entertainment lawyer to help her sell a book about her son's adventures. she said it was okay to profit from his actions because he wasn't hurting anybody. it's unclear if she knew he was armed. i left for a message for her lawyer and ha
leaders trying to encourage them to cooperate closely with u.s. and afghanistan in fight against al-qaeda and taliban. it will be ahead of summit in kabul. in kabul, three civilians and others were wounded in eastern part of city. primary goal of the clinton visit to afghanistan is refine the mission of the 9-year-old war to show leadership from the administration. what can they do to regain confidence? >> hi to you. secretary clinton tells pakistani officials she needs their help to win the war to afghanistan. to get pakistan on board, she will announce billions of dollars that u.s. will funnel to pakistan for water and energy projects. the trip comes as richard hoss, head of council of foreign relations tells newsweek the u.s. needs to rethink afghanistan, we're not winning and it's not worth it. suggesting a drawdown of troops and here is an exempt -- >> haass is a well-respected voice, former advisor for powecolin powell so it will complicate things for clinton and the administration, but others say it's not the time to leave. >> it's a difficult conflict. the risk to pull out w
advisor to former four star general and u.s. secretary of state colin powell, is telling the white house we cannot win. caroline shivley live in washington with more on that. hi, caroline and welcome back to you, congratulations on your baby! beautiful baby. what is secretary clinton's agenda in pakistan. >> reporter: she is stressing the u.s. needs pakistan to help win the war in afghanistan. to help get them on board, secretary clinton will also announce billions of dollars the u.s. will be funneling to pakistan for water and energy projects, part of the $7.5 billion that we already knew would be spread out over five years. on the plane over to islamabad, richard holbrooke's deputy said the cooperation is not going to happen overnight and here's the quote: we will not be able to get them aligned over a one-year time period on every issue and change 30 years of foreign policy of pakistan on a dime. the administration says they are making progress, critics say, for a billion-and-a-half dollars a year you better be. jamie? >> jamie: well, all of the money that is going to pakistan, i know
of the environmentalists types. another about the u.s. supreme court's decision citizens united. the one that democrats think wail will you corporations to buy elections into the future. they would like to see that overturned. one of my personal favorites. . harmful if swallowed mainstream media sticker this is good but i got to sensor it from the american federation of state county municipal employees. it goes on stop the bull, like i say i'm not1(%u telling you. there's plenty of this stuff, i mean buttons. it continues until the end of this evening. we'll hear harry reid and al franken will be here. across town the conservatives have their convention going on it is called right online. largely sponsored by americans for prosperity associated with the tea party movement. you have this dynamic in vie gas where what happens here is supposed to stay hero for cal grenades back and forth from the right and left in advance of the midterm elections, 100 days from tomorrow. >> ainsley: conservatives are in vegas today too, what is their message for the democrats? >> reporter: that they are tired of the libe
. >>> the ten russian agents expelled from the u.s. in the biggest spy swap since the cold war arrived back in moscow to just little fanfare. no national tv channels carried the live coverage of the plane's landing and russian state news media reported their arrival with little of the usual patriotic spin. one newspaper focussed more on the convicted russian spies that were sent west. another newspaper instead led the coverage today with an octopus and a parakeet predicting world cup victories. what about the children of the spies? one of them won't be following his parents overseas. there has been a lot of viewer comment on that. you can log on and learn more about this on the fox news website at illegal workers toiling away on factory and farms are becoming the target of a new obama administration strategy. you can call it "silent raids." the feds are scouring the company records to find out who is legal and who is not. julie kirtz is live in washington with the story. >> hey, brian. essentially the obama administration is going with a quieter strate
guard troops are supposed to arrive at the u.s.-mexico border tomorrow. but now there is word they may not get there until october. this as arizona's governor learns her appeal has been delayed and has been delayed for months. our own version of a royal wedding but this one is really top secret. today is chelsea clint's big day we are in rinehart new york ahead of the ceremony. >> shannon: scary numbers for congressional democrats ahead the november mid terms. 13. that's how many charges congressman charlie rangel is facing. 8 is how many is asking congressman to resign. now that congressman woman maxine waters has chosen to go through with a trial of her own. malini wilkes is here to break it down for us. >> a second ethics trial is possible this fall for california representative maxine waters. for the first time president obama is commenting about the ethics charges against new york congressman charlie rangel. now, rangle himself is refusing to talk about the 13 charges against him. including allegations of misusing his office. failure to disclose assets and nonpayment of taxes. so
capture the u.s. wanted and then the islands, because of everything that this teenager has done. tell us what you know. >> caller: okay, what i can say to you, at this time i can confirm that he has been recaptured, sometime this morning. he is in custody and will be transported to the capital, nassau and he was captured on the island, in eleuthera and we will speak more on the arrest and the circumstances around it. more information regarding that will be brought to you, by our commission of police. >> jamie: i know the next couple of hours we'll learn more details. what happens provide seed do you recall -- procedurally when he gets to nassau, he's accused of crimes there and in the u.s., what happens first. >> an investigation will be conducted into the matter of things he may have committed while in the bahamas and following that protocol, will be in place as regards to him being extradited back to the u.s. >> jamie: can you confirm that he did make his way to the bahamas, in a stolen aircraft? >> again, he was... (inaudible) like i said all of the circumstances surrounding his arriv
that drug cartel has used that tactic against police. julie has the details. >> in just a few minutes ago, u.s. authorities with reaction to the car bombing in mexico. customs and border protection telling us, quote, windchill we remain vigilant all ports of entry are operational. we have lines of communication with our law enforcement partners. its shared goal to present a united front against violence to keep borders safe and secure. car bombing was deadly but it was a well planned and brazen trap right in front after police headquarters. it appears to be a drug cartel in mexico used a car bomb against police. cold blooded attack was captured on video. it shows the moment the bomb went off in the busy intersection in the border city of juarez. they were lured by a phone call that a police officer was down. it shows paramedics helping the wounded man on the street. that is the moment when a parked car explodes and the video gets shaky. the photographer was badly injured. wounded man on the ground he was wearing a fake uniform. he died in the blast. police believe the car bombing was the top l
the workers may be fired they are not deported. so sometimes they stay in the u.s. and purchase new false documents. since obama took office, immigration and customs enforcement have gotten the files of 3,000 companies and issued $6.4 million in fines on firms that hire illegal immigrants. these numbers came out today. the new focus on prosecuting and finding employers in this county but not deporting workers comes to light as president obama delivered his speech earlier this month on immigration reform promising toughen force. at the workplace and at the border and as the battle rages on including a lawsuit against arizona as well as the lawsuit filed on friday. >> gregg: the immigration debate is being felt at the national governor's association meeting. opponents of the new law protesting appearance by the arizona governor herself, jan brewer. the chairman of the national governor's association jim douglas will join us in a few minutes from now. meanwhile, the president says american veterans need our help to assist the men and women that serve in the military with postwar injuries. in
heard something a few minutes ago. >> defense officials say they put u.s. soldiers in afghanistan at risk, as well as putting at risk afghan families. and at the state department, they are warning that it may damage u.s. intelligence efforts inside and outside of afghanistan. here's more. >> dump out tens of thousands of documents... you know, intelligence services all over the world will be look over them and seeing what they can glean in terms of how we gain information. and this can have a national security impact. >> julian assange says he offered to let the white house view the document before they were posted to make sure no innocent people were identified. he said the white house did not respond. but a spokesman for president obama says there was no such offer and the claim is, quote, absolutely, unequivocally not true. >> molly, live from washington, thank you for that. >> in other news, national guard troops were supposed to start beefing up the arizona border, starting tomorrow. now they are being assigned to keep a close eye on illegals near the state line and new word
a decade after escaping prison he faces money laundering, kidnapping and murder. >>> u.s. former al-qaeda-linked cleric allegedly response for for the countries mall bombing has been added to a black list. the obama administration slapped him with sanctions to freezing his bank accounts and cutting off his financial support. he's thought to be hiding in yemen. feds placed him on a secret list of targets to be captured or killed. >> >> rick: in iran police arresting 40 after a deadly bombing in a mosque, killing at least 27, injuring hundreds of worshippers too. sunni rebel group says it carried out the bombings. thousands of mourners taking to the streets as funerals were held for all the victims. iran blaming the u.s. for the bombing in an effort to weaken the government there. president obama publicly condemning the bombing. >>> new arrests in the deadly bombings in uganda. police arresting 20 suspects who they say are connected with an al-qaeda-linked terror group which claimed responsibility. the bomb went off sunday killing 76 as they watched the world cup final on television,
. the taiwanese-owned tanker over 1,000 feet long sailed to the u.s. from portugal, testing on the vessel found at the amount of oil collected was not enough to warrant using it. federal coordinator commented on the decision saying in part, this is a quote. "while it's impressive, awhale is not suited to the needs of the response." we appreciate the ingenuity of the team to make the system work." for now, the underwater oil gusher is cap and the seal is sealed. but regardless of what happens, damage will impact others for years to come. i want to walk over here now and take a walk down the beach with the mayor of orange beach, alabama. he's a guy who knows a lot about the situation. his name is tony kinnen. tony and i are going to take a walk down the beach to talk about the situation. >> thank you for being here. >> we'll go this way. walk with me. tell me first of all about the situation. let's talk about the situation. how is it? >> we're giddy around town now that the well is capped. we feel good about that. a weight off our shoulders to some degree. but we are still a little concerned. i'm
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